"Adam, Warlock or Washout"

Ed Jurist
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Dec. 29, 1971

Samantha is trying desperately to get Darrin off to the golf course - today the Council of Witches is sending a committee to test baby Adam for signs of supernatural powers. If he proves an ordinary mortal they must take him away from Darrin's mortal influence and train him to be a warlock. Samantha is a bit nervous about this as she knows Adam has shown nothing in the way of witchcraft. When Darrin finally leaves, Maurice, Samantha's father arrives, followed by Grimalda and Enchantra. Maurice goes upstairs to pretest Adam and discovers the baby is normal. To fool the committee, he puts a spell on Adam and brings him down for the test. At Maurice's bidding Adam flies around the room - only two feet off the floor, but then Maurice explains he is still very young. The committee is delighted at this feat and wants to take Adam away to further develop his great power. Adam wishes his Daddy could see him fly and Darrin suddenly appears - he has been whisked away from the golf course. At this further display the committee insists they must take Adam away, but Maurice, responding to Samantha's silent appeal, admits he has put a spell on Adam. He removes the spell and Adam reverts to normal, but only for a moment. Samantha asks him to hand her a ball and Adam twitches the ball over to her. The witches are pleased - Adam does have some slight power after all, and he may stay with the family. Darrin and Samantha are outside saying goodbye to the committee when Adam calls his mother and Samantha disappears. Darrin rushes into the house to find her with Adam. He starts to complain, but Samantha assures him she will have a little heart-to-heart talk with their son about keeping things normal.

Guest cast: Diane Chesney as Enchantra, Maryesther Denver as Grimalda, Bernie Kuby as the first golfer, Lew Horn as the second golfer.

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