"The Return of Darrin the Bold"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Feb. 4, 1971

Endora and Serena think it is terrible that Samantha is not permitted to use her witchly powers. They decide to take the situation into their own hands and solve everything by turning Darrin into a warlock! This is achieved by Serena traveling back to the fourteenth century and casting a spell on one of Darrin's ancestors - Darrin the Bold. Once the spell is cast, Darrin will immediately inherit the powers of a warlock. Serena casts the spell. Simultaneously, Darrin, vaguely wishing for a beer suddenly gets his wish. He and Samantha think it is just the work of Endora. When confronted, Endora denies any tricks and gleefully tells Samantha and Darrin that Darrin is in the first stages of becoming a warlock - Wishcraft. Darrin reacts by "popping" out to a neighborhood tavern and Samantha by questioning her cousin Serena. Samantha finds out the truth and to remove the spell must travel back to the time of Darrin the Bold. Samantha has a bit of time with the amorous Darrin the Bold, but removes the spell and Darrin is re-mortalized.

Guest cast: David Huddleston as Dave, Richard X. Slattery as Ferguson, Burt Mustin as the guru, Alien Emerson as Gawain, Nada Rowand as the girl.

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