"How Green Was My Grass"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: Feb. 29, 1968

During a hectic morning, a boy asks if the Stephens want the lawn mowed. Darrin says it has to be reseeded. Darrin sees pancakes flipping themselves and argues with Samantha about witchcraft. He slams out of the door and a number flips over, changing the address from 462 to 492. While Samantha is out with Tabitha, two men install a synthetic lawn. At 492, Bill MacLane waits for his plastic grass, over his wife's protests. Darrin thinks Samantha twitched up the synthetic lawn, and rekindles their argument. Samantha removes it. The next morning, Darrin is roused from the living room couch by the men who installed the plastic grass. After some discussion, Samantha tries to get it back. Since Darrin insulted Endora, she interferes and Samantha's spell won't work. Bill gets into an argument with Darrin and raises his fist. Samantha twitches and he hits the fence. Samantha zips a beautiful lawn in front of the MacLane house. Bill is pleased but his wife won't look at it. Samantha changes it back to plastic and sets off another fight between the MacLanes. The next day all is serene at the Stephens, and Darrin hires the boy to reseed the lawn. Samantha lets Darrin's pancakes burn but doesn't let him see her zip back a falling cup.

Guest cast: Richard X. Slattery as Bill MacLane, Barbara Ferry as Mrs. MacLane, Joseph Ferry as the driver, Andy Romano as the helper, Robert Lussier as the meter man, Craig Hundley as the boy at the door, Kevin Tate as the newsboy.

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