"Oedipus Hex"

Written by
David V. Robinson
John L. Greene
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 24, 1966
Originally sponsored by Quaker Oats

Samantha agrees to serve on a fund raising committee. Later, she tells Endora she wishes Darrin would forget about business now and then. Endora flicks her fingers and a bowl of popcorn appears. Darrin eats a handful and announces he's taking the day off. The milkman nibbles some popcorn and decides to join Darrin. Larry phones and is incensed when Darrin declares he's not going to the office. Arriving to check, Larry takes some popcorn and joins Darrin and the milkman in a game of stud poker. Samantha makes them move out to the patio when her commit tee members arrive. Mr. Parkinson, the client, comes to the Stephens' house to tell Larry he is taking his account out of the agency. Nibbling on the popcorn, Parkinson immediately loses interest in the business world. A policeman, coming to give Parkinson a ticket, eats some popcorn and joins the group. Darrin demands something more substantial to eat than popcorn. Since Samantha didn't buy any popcorn, she recognizes Endora's touch in the mad afternoon. Still high on popcorn, Darrin and his cohorts take over the fund raising, and call on their friends for heavy contributions. The ladies, who have begun to nibble on popcorn, are delighted with the men's success. Samantha makes Endora remove the spell and every thing goes back to normal. When Samantha explains that she joined the committee to make friends, Endora makes another gesture and Samantha is soon swamped with calls for her services. Guest cast: Irwin Charone as Parkinson, Ned Glass as the milkman, Paul Smith as the policeman, Paul Dooley as the TV man.

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