"The Girl with the Golden Nose"

Written by
Syd Zelinka,
Paul Wayne
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

June 2, 1966

Darrin feels he isn't making any progress in his career. He tells Samantha that Larry Tate has refused to allow him to handle Waterhouse and Co., an important new account. However, when Tate announces that Darrin will handle the account, Darrin feels Samantha used magic on Larry. Darrin berates Samantha and determines to lose the account. When Mr. Waterhouse, a conservative tycoon arrives, Darrin adopts a breezy, wise cracking approach. Darrin is surprised when Waterhouse declares Darrin's fresh touch is just what his product needs. Defeated, Darrin decides to make the most of Samantha's help. Confident of the power behind him, Darrin makes a series of guesses that prove to be correct. Furious when she learns Darrin feels his new found success stems from her witchcraft, Samantha turns her home into an elegant mansion with a staff of servants. Darrin asserts he can't live in this manner and wants to get along by his own ability. Samantha convinces him he has been doing so all along. She twitches her nose and the luxurious decor disappears. However, Darrin wonders if for a little while he himself had the magic touch.

Guest cast: Oliver McGowan as Waterhouse, Steve Rinaldi as the bellboy, Gene Blakely as Dave, Alice Backes as Betty, Owen McGiveney as the butler.

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