"Help, Help, Don't Save Me"

Written by
Danny Amold

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 15, 1964

Darrin struggles for days to create an advertising campaign for Caldwell Soup. Samantha's suggestions seem perfect, but Darrin's pride leads him to suspect witchcraft. Stubborn, Darrin presents his own ideas to Phillip Caldwell, who rejects them. Samantha, worn out with housework, is stung when Darrin accuses her of using witchcraft to do that too. Endora, who dislikes Darrin, is pleased when the couple quarrel, and Samantha, packing in her own curious fashion, walks out. Crushed at losing his wife and a client in one week, Darrin submits Samantha's ideas to Larry Tate, his boss, who thinks they are great. Tate is bewildered when Darrin ecstatically accepts Caldwell's rejection and dashes home to makeup with Samantha. Darrin then uses Samantha's chance remark as the basis for a successful Caldwell Soup campaign, blissfully unaware that Samantha planned it just that way.

Guest cast: Charlie Ruggles as Philip Caldwell.

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