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Kraft Television Theatre: "The Long Arm"

Matt Wilson (John Erikson) is down on his luck. He needs to make money to support his wife Mary Helen (Phyllis Love) and himself. He sets out to make a few bucks by pawning a model ship he has built. Instead he gets a job working for the shop owner Mr. Kaufman (Richard Purdy). Sally O'Brien (Elizabeth Montgomery) enters the store to try and pawn a silver baby dish. She explains that she has just lost her child and is also in need of money. Feeling sorry for the pretty widow, Matt takes her to lunch at the local cafeteria.

Back at the shop Mr. Kaufman is attacked and killed by a robber. Lt. Aldo (Cliff Hall) questions Matt's wife and assumes that he is the one who is guilty. Matt is soon arrested and tried for the murder. The story unfolds in the courtroom and the true criminal is exposed.

This very rare Live TV Drama boasts a pair of up and coming stars. Jon Erikson will go on to star with Anne Francis in the TV series "Honey West" and Elizabeth Montgomery's career...well, we all know that she became TV's most famous witch. This story was written by Marjorie and George Faulkner.

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