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The Complete Bewitched Episode Guide

Production credits:
ProducerWilliam Asher
CreatorSol Saks
Regular cast:
Samantha Stephens Elizabeth Montgomery
Darrin Stephens Dick York (seasons 1- 5)
Dick Sargent (seasons 6- 8)
TabithaHeidi and Laura Gentry
Tamar and Julie Young
Diane and Erin Murphy
Adam David and Greg Lawrence
Larry TateDavid White
Endora Agnes Moorehead
Gladys Kravitz Alice Pearce (seasons 1- 2)
Sandra Gould (seasons 3- 8)
Abner Kravitz George Tobias
Louise Tate Irene Vernon (seasons 1- 2)
Kasey Rogers (seasons 3- 8)
Aunt Clara Marion Lorne (seasons 1- 4)
Maurice Maurice Evans
Uncle Arthur Paul Lynde
Dr. Bombay Bernard Fox
Frank Stephens Robert F. Simon
Roy Roberts
Phyllis Stephens Mabel Albertson
Serena Elizabeth Montgomery
Esmeralda Alice Ghostley (seasons 5- 8)

Number of episodes: 254 one half hour segments
More Statistics

Seasons One and Two were filmed in Black and White.
The images used for those Seasons have been colorized.

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Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season 5Season 6Season 7Season 8
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven
Season Eight

This episode guide is from the original studio issued plot summaries.
Any references to shows the guest stars appeared in are from that era.
Some minor adjustments have been made to various summaries.

Each episode is available in it's unedited form. Email me for details at

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