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"Sam's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse"

Written by
Leo Townsend
Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: March 18, 1972

A new Chinese restaurant account calls for an exotic dinner with the new client. But a new drink called "The Heavenly Himalayan" based upon a secret formula - leaves Samantha dizzy, weak, powerless - and with bright red stripes on her face! Dr. Bombay is summoned and quickly determines that Samantha has Bright Red Stripes disease attributed to Himalayan cinnamon which ancient Tibetan monks used to drive away witches. The antidote is simple; Dr. Bombay prescribes eye of condor, powdered snake skin, fig newts, a pint of unicorn milk - non-fat, and a toasted cheese sandwich on rye. Aunt Hagatha zaps Sam to the apothecary and after fighting off the lecherous druggist, she finally gets the antidote. But the potion doesn't work; all it does is add horizontal red stripes to Sam's now checkered face! It seems Dr. Bombay forgot to include one ingredient: the tail feather ofa do-do bird. As do-do birds are extinct, Aunt Hagatha has to zap one out of a book. The do-do bird is huge, ugly and ornery. To get a tail feather, Darrin must chase the bird around the house and up on the roof. Once again the potion fails to work. Dr. Bombay has actually forgotten another important ingredient: a piece of Himalayan cinnamon stick. Since only the Chinese restaurant has this particular cinnamon, Darrin must break in to get some. But he is caught by the police. No explanation is believed. So after putting up bail, Darrin rushes home, prepares the correct potion, and finally cures Samantha of her embarrassing disease.

Guest cast: Reta Shaw [The Ghost and Mrs. Muir] as Hagatha, Janos Prohaska as the dodo bird, Benson Pong as Mr. Fong, Bernie Kopell [When Things Were Xotten] as the apothecary, Richard K. Slattery as Fred, Suzanne Little as Nurse Often, Herb Vigran as the sergeant, Paul Smith as Charlie.

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