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"School Days, School Daze"

Written by
Michael Morris
Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: March 4, 1972

Endora thinks that Tabitha should be sent to Witch's Elementary instead of mortal school, but Samantha won't hear of it. So Endora casts a spell that turns Tabitha into a seven-year-old "super genius". When Sam takes Tabitha to Westport Elementary to take a test, Tabitha astounds the teacher, Mrs. Peabody, by completing the twenty-minute test in thirty seconds and with a perfect score. Mrs. Peabody rushes the child into the principal's office and Tabitha continues to demonstrate her intelligence by solving math problems, quoting Shakespeare and explaining Einstein's theory of relativity. This leaves the principal, Mr. Roland, just as flabbergasted as the teacher. Samantha, however, knows the real reason behind Tabitha's newly acquired "talent" and gets Roland to promise that Tabitha will be given no special treatment. When Sam gets home, she's furious and makes Endora remove the spell. That afternoon, Mrs. Peabody drops in - now she wants to do a magazine article on Tabitha. Samantha wants no part of it and Mrs. Peabody pretends to leave. But instead, she peers over the fence just in time to catch Tabitha using her own powers of witchcraft to zap up a castle out of Adam's set of blocks. The teacher doesn't quite believe her eyes and decides to ask some questions, but Sam catches her. Realizing that Mrs. Peabody won't leave without an explanation, Sam not only tells her that witchcraft runs in the family she gives the teacher a demonstration. When Mrs. Peabody tells Mr. Poland what she'd experienced, he's sure she's flipped, but he reluctantly agrees to return to the Stephens with her. When they get there, Darrin and Sam convince Poland that the tricks were part of an old vaudeville routine and succeed in teaching the leacher a lesson about snooping.

Guest cast: Maudie Prickett as Mrs. Peabody, Charles Lane as Roland.

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