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"George Washington Zapped Here" (Part Two)

Written by
Michael Morris

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Feb. 26, 1972

Due to Esmeralda's messed up witchcraft, George Washington returns - this time he is accompanied by Martha! Having told Martha of the wonders of the twentieth century, George is not unhappy to be back at the Stephens' home. At his suggestion Samantha shows Martha around the kitchen while George talks to Darrin about his upcoming appearance in court. George feels that, having broken a modern law governing free speech, he would be no better than a coward if he did not appear to defend himself. Darrin is impressed and agrees with George. The Washingtons spend the night and are having breakfast the next morning when Larry arrives. The Washingtons are explained as a retired history professor and his wife who have really "gotten into" George Washington. Tate sees George as a great ad campaign for Whirlaway Washing Machines. Thinking he is doing Darrin a favor, George agrees to accompany Larry and Darrin to a client meeting. At the meeting George displays his usual honesty and integrity which results in the loss of the Whirlaway account. These same qualities are displayed that afternoon in court. The results, however, is a dismissal of the charges. Esmeralda finally remembers the spell and zaps the Washingtons back into the book. Although not a witchcraft fan, Darrin is sorry to see them go.

Guest cast: Will Geer as George Washington, Jane Connell as Martha Washington, Jack Collins as the judge, Herb Vigan as the sergeant, Renee Tetro as the first hippie, Thad Geer as the second hippie, Herb Voland as Jamieson, John Garwood as the officer.

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