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"George Washington Zapped Here" (Part One)

Written by
Michael Morris

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Feb. 19, 1972

It is the week before Washington's birthday and Tabitha's school has a "show and tell". Tabitha has a book on the first President, but she would rather bring Darrin's collection of Washington relics to show the classroom. Samantha tells her that the buckle and button they have are too valuable to take to school. Esmeralda overhears the conversation and tells Tabitha she will zap George's buckle and button out of the picture in the book - by mistake, she zaps out George himself. Esmeralda tries desperately to put George back in the book, but fails. There he is in full dress in the Stephens' house and he doesn't know what hit him. He looks around the house in awe and can't believe such things as the telephone and the car. Samantha goes to make George some tea and he walks out of the house. He wanders over to the park where a group of people are gathered around a speaker at the fountain. When the speaker finishes, George gets up and addresses the crowd who thinks he is some nut pretending to be George Washington. Soon a police officer comes up and tries to stop him from speaking. George refuses and even pulls his sword, challenging the officer. As Sam arrives, the policeman says he will bring George to trial and let him out of jail on $2000 bail. As Sam and Darrin are discussing what action to take, Esmeralda comes up with the right incantation and sends George back to the book. However, he leave his shoes behind. Esmeralda tries to give him his shoes - but instead she zaps out George again and this time Martha is with him.

Guest cast: Will Geer as Washington, Jane Connell as Martha, Herb Vigran as the sergeant, Dick Wilson as the neighbor, John Garwood as the officer, Renee Teuo as the first hippie, Thad Geeras the second hippie.

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