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"Tabitha's First Day in School"

Written by
Ed Jurist
Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Feb. 12, 1972

The doorbell rings at the Stephens' home and it is Mrs. Hickman from the Board of Education. She says that Sam and Darrin are keeping a child home who is of school age and they must register Tabitha at once - or there will be a court order. Sam and Darrin are very upset but they decide they must enroll her. Sam takes Tabitha to Miss Vogel's* second grade class and Sam tries to stay as long as she can - but Miss Vogel asks her to leave. There is one bully in the class - Charlton Rollnick - and he delights in first putting a frog in Tabitha's desk, then pulling her pigtails. Samantha, who has come back for a moment, sees Charlton pulling Tabitha's hair and puts electricity into it to give him a shock. After class, Charlton waits for Tabitha and again tries to push her around and bully her. She zaps him into a frog. When Miss Vogel catches her with the frog, she makes her put it back in the terrarium and Tabitha just manages to sneak it out again before she leaves. When Tabitha comes home, Samantha tells her she must turn the frog back into Charlton. But Tabitha can't - it seems she has taken the wrong frog. Sam has to exchange frogs and gets home just in time to seer Charlton's mother who has come to pick him up. Tabitha zaps the frog back to Charlton but not enough - he can only say "re-bleep". Finally Charlton is back to normal - but he still has a slight craving for flies.

Guest cast: Nita Talbot as Mrs. Rollnick, Maudie Prickett as Miss Vogel , Michael Hughes as Charlton, Alien Jenkins as the janitor, Jeanne Amold as Mrs. Hickman.

*Script Change: Miss Vogel's name changed to Mrs. Peabody in the actual episode, but the credits still listed it as Vogel.

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