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"Samantha on Thin Ice"

Written by
Richard Baer
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Jan. 29, 1972

Tabitha is invited to a skating party - but she doesn't know how to skate. Samantha says she will take her to the skating rink and take lessons with her. Sam promises Darrin that Tabitha will learn in the mortal way and Darrin challenges Sam to keep her word. Samantha and Tabitha are skating clumsily and the instructor is enamored with Samantha. Endora, who is watching, decides to give Tabitha a little help - and suddenly the child becomes a great skater. The instructor can't believe his eyes. Sam is embarrassed to tell Darrin what happened - but her conscience is heavy and she decides to break the news. Just as she is about to explain, the doorbell rings and it is Billy Blades Bookoltzer, the dean of America figure skating. He has heard that Tabitha is a champion skater and wants to audition her for the Olympic Games. Sam and Darrin refuse but Blades won't take no for an answer. He threatens to hound them continuously until they agree. They finally decide to take Tabitha to the audition and show Blades how she really skates. Endora pops in again and puts a spell on Tabitha who begins to skate magnificently. Samantha pleads with Endora to remove the spell - she tells her that Tabitha will be miserable if she becomes a skating champion. Endora agrees to remove the spell and when Blades sees Tabitha skate badly, he is astounded. He accuses the instructor of flipping out - and he storms out. Tabitha is saved, and Sam and Darrin are happy.

Guest cast: Alan Oppenheimer as Blades, Bob Paul as the instructor.

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