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"Serena's Richcraft"

Written by
Michael Morris

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Jan. 22, 1972

Serena arrives at the Stephens' home seeking shelter - she has been stripped of her powers by the jealous Contessa Pirhana. Sam is sympathetic. Darrin, though, knows trouble when he sees it and tells Samantha that Serena is not a welcome guest in his house. In the midst of all this, a new client of Latrine's - Mr. Harrison Woolcott - arrives in his helicopter to pick Darrin up for a meeting. When Serena sees the wealthy and distinguished looking Woolcott, she decides that since she's out of witchcraft - richcraft will do! Much to Darrin's chagrin, Serena is still at the Stephens' home when he later arrives with Larry and Woolcott. Further, Serena is out to snare Woolcott and leaves no doubt in anyone's mind as to what she is doing. After a fishing date with Woolcott, which last about three days, Serena returns home (i.e., the Stephens' home). Samantha decides she must step in and curtail the romance - not only for Darrin's sake, but for Harrison Woolcott's. She freezes Serena and keeps a lunch date with Woolcott in Serena's form. She tells Woolcott that it's been fun, but that this is it. Woolcott is astonished at the change in attitude and later seeks Darrin's help in pursuing Serena further. Darrin would like to refuse, but Larry won't let him, as a very important client is involved. Samantha has just zapped Contessa Pirhana in to negotiate a peace treaty between her and Serena when Darrin, Larry and Woolcott arrive. Before Woolcott can approach Serena, Samantha puts a spell on him so that he is enchanted with the Contessa, not Serena. Serena finally gets her witchcraft back and looses Woolcott - temporarily - to the Contessa - but then she doesn't need richcraft anymore!

Guest cast: Peter Lawford as Woolcott, Ellen Weston as Contessa Pirhana, Joe E. Ross [It's About Time] as the steward, Bernie Kuby as the waiter.

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