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"A Plague on Maurice and Samantha"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 10, 1971

Endora arrives at the Stephens' home to find Samantha has lost her powers, the cause, as diagnosed by Dr. Bombay, is her marriage to a mortal. Endora's outrage is barely controllable. Signs of Maurice's arrival (trumpet blares and the like) appear. Endora and Samantha realize that his anger against Darrin will not be easily quelled if he discovers Samantha's problem. Endora agrees to help Samantha in deceiving Maurice. They are doing a great job when Darrin arrives and unknowingly lets the cat out of the bag. Maurice is furious, but when he tries to zap Darrin into a lizard he discovers his powers are gone! Dr. Bombay makes a brief appearance to report that while he is trying to find a cure for Samantha's loss of powers, no one is to kiss her or they will lose their powers. Maurice had kissed Sam when he arrived. Maurice takes his loss in stride and the next morning decides to see how the "other half lives. This is to commence with a visit to Darrin's office. Darrin's protests are to no avail. Benson's chile con carne is the problem at the moment; Mr. Benson finding fault with any campaign Darrin comes up with. Maurice solves the problem by tasting the chile, interrupting a meeting with Mr. Benson and presenting a campaign that Mr. Benson loves! Finally, the cure is found and Samantha and Maurice have their powers restored.

Guest cast: Bemie Kopell [The Love Boat] as the apothecary, Susan Hathaway as Betty, J. Edward McKinley as Benson.

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