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"TV or Not TV"

Written by
Bernie Kahn

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 3, 1971

Tabitha and Adam are watching Punch and Judy on TV one day when Tabitha gets very upset that Punch keeps hitting Judy. Not only does she think it is unfair to Judy, but Adam imitates Punch and starts hitting her. Using her witchcraft, Tabitha pops onto the screen and begins to lecture Punch - much to the amazement of Darrin, who is watching in his office (he has sold the show to the sponsors) and the crew in the TV studio. Darrin calls Samantha and tells her to get Tabitha off the screen. Meanwhile, Larry enters Darrin's office and tells him that the sponsor loved the little girl and wants her to be on the show. Later that day, Larry brings Lester Silverton, president of Silverton Toy Co., over to Darrin's house and when Tabitha comes in to say good night, Silverton recognizes her. He wants her to show up at the studio the next morning. Darrin and Samantha are against this and Sam does a little witchcraft on the Silvertons. She makes sure Mrs. Silverton will bring her daughter, Robin - a professional young actress - to the studio to be on hand just in case something goes wrong. At the studio, Tabitha is tired of all the attention she is getting and she tells Sam she wants to play instead. Sam suggests that she forget some of her lines - she does this just as Silverton comes in. When Mrs. Silverton and Robin appear, Sam induces Lester to tell Robin she can have the part.

Guest cast: Wanda Hendrix as Helen Silverton, Ed Call as Steamboat Bill, Kathleen Richards as Robin, Barbara Dodd as the script girl, Bob Baker as the first puppeteer, Roy R. Etherin as the second puppeteer, John Gallaudet as Lester Silverton, Robert Q. Lewis as the director.

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