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"The Ghost Who Made a Spectre of Himself"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 27, 1971

Samantha and Darrin are getting ready to leave London when their packing is interrupted by the arrival of Larry and Louise Tate. Larry has arranged for all of them to spend the weekend as guests of the Duke of Whitset at his castle. Sam and Darrin do not welcome the news,as they were looking forward to going home, but they seem to be stuck. When the four of them arrive at the castle, they find that the Duke accepts paying guests - in other words, it's a hotel! The castle is, however, authentically English, complete with its own ghost. The Duke believes that one of his ancestors - Harry, Eighth Duke of Whitset - is the ghost. That night the ghost makes an appearance. Samantha meets him in the hallway and discovers that the Duke is right - Harry is the ghost. Harry takes a liking to Sam (especially since she's a witch) and when she rebuffs him he takes over Darrin's body. Harry is impossible to deal with and Samantha can't get him to leave Darrin's body. When Harry sees he can't get to first base with Sam, he makes a pass at Louise. Samantha finally solves the problem by summoning a lady ghost to keep Harry company. When the Duchess of Windemere appears, Harry immediately leaves Darrin's body and walks off arm in arm with his lovely lady ghost. Darrin, of course, ends up paying for the "odd" behavior he had nothing to do with. Sam explains that Darrin has been working too hard on his "vacation" and Larry finally agrees to let them head for home.

Guest cast: Patrick Horgan as the ghost, Maurice Dallimore as Duke, Elizabeth Rogers as the Duchess, Cicely Walper as the maid

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