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"Bewitched, Bothered and Baldoni"

Written by
Michael Morris

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 13, 1971

Samantha and Darrin are sightseeing in Rome. As they finish touring a museum they are joined - much to Darrin's chagrin - by Endora. Darrin leaves to meet Larry Tate and Mr. Baldoni, a prospective client. Samantha asks why Endora has joined them. Endora replies it is to protect Samantha as she expects Darrin to go bananas in romantic Roma! When Samantha makes light of her mother's concern Endora decides to drive her point home. Endora zaps the statue of Venus to life and arranges for the now real life Venus and Darrin to meet. Mere mortal Darrin is no match for Venus and goes off for an afternoon tour of Rome - missing his business meeting. Samantha is preparing their rented villa for the weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. Baldoni, when Darrin arrives home with Vanessa (the zapped in Venus). Darrin tells Samantha that Vanessa is a long-lost cousin who needs a job and that she is to be their maid. Seeing Darrin and then Larry Tate so smitten, Samantha begins to suspect her mother' s work. When the Baldonis arrive, Mrs. Baldoni isn't exactly enjoying the scene and when she becomes quite vocal about it, Samantha takes positive action. Since Endora is not heeding Samantha's repeated callings, Samantha returns to the museum and zaps the statue of Adonis to life. When she returns to the villa with her male guest the situation clears immediately as Venus and Adonis have eyes only for each other. Endora finally arrives and she and Samantha zap the lovers back to the museum. The guests are quieted when Samantha remarks how much in love the Baldonis must be to react so jealously about each other.

Guest cast: Francine York as Venus, Lou Krugman as Mr. Baldoni, Penny Santon as Mrs. Baldoni, Al Molinaro as the guide, Joe Alfasa as the waiter, Harriet Gibson as the cook, Michael Byron Taylor as Adonis.

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