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"The How Not to Lose Your Head to Henry VIII" (Part Two)

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 22, 1971

Endora clothes Darrin for his journey back in time and he arrives at the King's palace to find Henry is in hot pursuit of Samantha. She is curled up at his feet singing for him while he is gorging himself. The chamberlain and a courtier ride up to present Henry with his former wife's jewels (Queen Catherine, his fifth wife, had been beheaded that morning) which he plans to give to Samantha. While they are there, Darrin grabs a pastry tray from a page and enters the room. He manages to get Sam alone for a minute, but she doesn't know him and he can't convince her to give him that kiss which will make everything all right. Henry sees Sam's predicament and throws Darrin into the dungeon. He calls for Endora, who takes the coin she had given Darrin to wear and uses it to hypnotize the jailer. She and Darrin, now dressed as a courtier, go to the King's masked ball. Endora gets Samantha alone and tells her she is a good friend of her mother's. She tries to convince Sam to give up the King and pay attention to Darrin. Once again the King sees what's going on and promises he will behead Darrin this time. Endora suggests that the King wrestle with Darrin before sending him to the scaffold. In the ring, Henry is killing Darrin and Sam is wincing in sympathy. After a brutal bout, Darrin is out cold and the King is about to lift him for the final kill when Sam intercepts. She kisses Darrin and suddenly regains her memory. The three of them pop out and go back to the Tower of London. Endora finds Herbie attractive and takes him out of the portrait again - saying that Malvina the Terrible is no match for Endora the Adorable. Sam renames the portrait "The Missing Horseman."

Guest cast: Poland Long as Henry VIII, Laurie Main as the guide, Ivor Barry as the chamberlain, Victor Rogers as the nobleman, John Mitchum as the jailor, Oil Stuart as the courtier, Arlene Martell as Malvina, Henry Oliver as the friar, Paul Ryan as page.

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