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"The How Not to Lose Your Head to Henry VIII" (Part One)

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 15, 1971

Samantha and Darrin are vacationing in Europe. At the moment they are in London and on a sightseeing tour of the Tower of London. As the guide leads the tour through the corridors of the Tower, a portrait of a 16th century nobleman on horseback attracts Samantha's attention. Actually, the reason for the attraction is the fact that the figure of the nobleman is beckoning to Samantha! He tells Samantha that a hateful witch has placed a curse on him, dooming him to remain in the portrait for a thousand years. Since she is the first witch to happen by in over 400 years, he would like her to release him from the portrait. Samantha questions him a bit about what he had done to deserve such a stiff curse. It seems at the time of Henry VIII's reign, he had fallen in love with a witch and asked her to marry him, forgetting for the moment that he was already married! Samantha sympathizes with him and feels that he has served enough time. She zaps him out of the portrait. Suddenly, amid rumbles of thunder, Malvina the Terrible appears. She is quite angry at Samantha for reversing the curse she had put on the nobleman. To teach Samantha not to meddle, Malvina zaps Samantha back to Henry VIII's court. Samantha arrives, having no recollection of who she is or why she is there. She happens upon a group of players who are about to perform before the king. She joins the group and quickly catches the roving eye of Henry VIII. Meanwhile, Darrin has called Endora for help. She arrives and Darrin tells her what has happened. To rescue Samantha, Darrin must return to the 16th century and win Samantha with a kiss - this will be complicated by the fact that Samantha has no idea who Darrin is. As the story closes, we leave Samantha literally in Henry's clutches and Darrin tentatively approaching the castle.

Guest cast: Ronald Long as Henry VIII, Laurie Main as the guide, Ivor Barry as the chamberlain, Victor Rogers as the nobleman, John Mitchum as the jailor, Oil Stuart as the courtier, Arlene Martell as Malvina, Waiter Alzmann as the tourist, Mike Howden as the knight, Damian London as the second player, Gerald Peters as the first player, Henry Oliver as the friar.

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