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"Laugh, Clown, Laugh"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 15, 1971

Darrin is up very early one morning working on a layout for a client who is not too happy - Mount Rocky Mutual - when Endora pops through the wall riding a camel and dressed for polo. Darrin doesn't find it am using and leaves the house abruptly. Samantha tells her mother that her treatment of Darrin is reprehensible, unforgivable and inhuman. Endora pops out and pays Darrin a visit at his office. She blames him for having no sense of humor and puts a spell on him to give him one. The spell works - when Darrin's secretary comes in, he proceeds to crack a series of very stupid jokes. Meanwhile, Larry is with Mr. James of Mount Rocky and he's trying to assures his client that Darrin is a serious young man. Jameson has a migraine headache and he doesn't find it too amusing when Darrin comes in and begins with his jokes. Both Darrin and Larry are beside themselves and Darrin must leave as he has no power to stop the spell. Darrin goes home furious and tells Samantha what has occurred. Finally, Endora is persuaded to remove the spell but as soon as Darrin leaves the house, she casts another over him. This time he is made to laugh at any sad or serious news. Tate comes over with Mr. and Mrs. Jameson to look at Darrin's layouts and as soon as Mrs. Jameson mentions her bursitis, Darrin begins to laugh. With Samantha's ingenuity and the contagious quality of laughter, the uncomfortable situation become an amusing one and the Jamesons leave with a feeling of cheerfulness. Darrin has saved the account.

Guest cast: Charles Lane as Mr. Jameson, Ysabel MacCloskey as Mrs. Jameson, Marcia Wallace as Betty.

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