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"Samantha's Magic Mirror"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: April 8, 1971

Darrin has just taken a break from work when Samantha's cousin Esmeralda pops in, to his dismay. Her magic is not working well and when she sneezes out of nervousness, very unusual things appear. She tells Samantha that she is about to see her old boyfriend Ferdy and she wants to impress him so that he will many her. Larry enters just as Esmeralda sneezes and a baby elephant comes into view. Samantha acts quickly to make it disappear, but not before Larry has gotten a glimpse. Darrin and Samantha tell him he must be a nervous wreck and seeing things. Samantha begins to fix Esmeralda's hair and make up so that she'll have more confidence and stop sneezing. Then Sam bewitches the mirror so that when Esmeralda looks at it she sees a pretty young girl. Esmeralda is ecstatic and beings to talk and walk like a beautiful woman. Again to Darrin's dismay, Esmeralda has invited Ferdy to the house. Darrin and Larry leave for the golf course. Samantha stays to help Esmeralda with her magic, and it turns out Ferdy has brought along his nephew who stays outside to aid him with his magic. When both discover the truth about the other, they are delighted and decide to become engaged. Larry comes back just at the moment Ferdy and Esmeralda are about to disappear and again he is told he must be very run down.

Guest cast: Tom Bosley as Ferdy, Richard Rowley as the nephew, Nancy Priddy as the mirror image, David Manzy as the golf attendant, Ed Deemer as the second policeman, Jack Denton as the first policeman.

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