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"The Samantha's Psychic Pslip"

Written by
John L. Greene

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 1, 1971

Darrin's mother calls and makes plans to go shopping with Samantha. Samantha is in the middle of cleaning her kitchen and since Mrs. Stephens is to arrive momentarily, she pops everything back into place. She realizes Darrin is watching and as she is not supposed to use witchcraft, she feels guilty. She tries to explain, but Darrin says it's okay and that he has a present for her This makes her feel twice as guilty! As she is thanking Darrin for the present, she hiccups and a bicycle appears. In a matter of five minutes, and a few more hiccups, the hall is cluttered with a unicycle, a tricycle, a motorcycle and even a tandem. When Mrs. Stephens arrives they explain the bikes as part of an exercise kick. Darrin hustles his mother upstairs to see the children and Samantha hurriedly calls Dr. Bombay. He tells her that the guilt She felt earlier for using her powers has been the cause of her hiccuping up the collections of wheels. He incants a spell to eliminate her guilt, the bikes disappear and Samantha goes shopping with Darrin's mother. Darrin notices when they've gone that the mirror in the hall has disappeared. He senses something wrong and asks Serena, who is babysitting, to call Dr. Bombay again. Meanwhile, Samantha and Mrs. Stephens are shopping. Every time Samantha hiccups, something in the store disappears - unbeknownst to Samantha! Finally the store detective becomes suspicious and accuses them of shoplifting. Dr. Bombay arrives, Darrin tells him what happened and in recalling the incantation he used to dispel Samantha's original problem, he realizes when he said all guilt should disappear - the guilt was taken literally as G-I-L-T - each time Samantha is hiccuping, something made of gilt is disappearing! Dr. Bombay locates Samantha and Mrs. Stephens and saves them from the shoplifting charge by popping back all the missing merchandise.

Guest cast: Irenee Byatt as the woman with the mirror, Irwin Charone as the detective.

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