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"Out of the Mouth of Babes"

Written by
Michael Morris

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: March 25, 1971

Darrin is all set for a lovely golf weekend when Larry walks in and announces he wants Darrin to spend the day coming up with ideas for a new advertising campaign. It seems that Mr. Flanagan of Mother Flanagan's Irish Stew is leaving his third advertising agency and thinking about coming with McMann and Tate. Meanwhile, Larry goes out to play golf while Darrin works. As he leaves the house, however, Samantha arranges for him to be caught in a huge downpour. Endora shows up and has an argument with Darrin about taking Tabitha to the Unicorn Handicap, a race of unicorns held on the other side of the atmospheric continuum. When Darrin refuses to let Tabitha go, Endora changes him to a ten-year-old boy. When Larry walks in, Samantha introduces Darrin/boy as Darrin's nephew Marvin Peter Stephens. Darrin/boy goes out to play with Tabitha and with her help beats all the other boys at basketball. One of the boys, Herbie, later comes to the house to ask Darrin/boy to play in their championships the next day. He sees Samantha mixing the Irish stew and asks for some - remarking that it tastes terrible. Darrin and Sam also taste the stew and realize the reason it hasn't been selling - it's awful. Darrin doesn't want to lie to the public and rave about the stew, so tries frantically to come up with some ideas for the campaign. (He has apologized to Endora and is back to his normal self.) Mr. Flanagan arrives and Samantha changes Darrin back to Darrin/boy so that the young kid can tell Mr. Flanagan how bad the stew really is. Instead of being upset, Mr. Flanagan agrees but doesn't know what to do. Samantha has a brilliant idea - he should change the price to 39 cents and call it Mother Flanagan's Doggie Treat. Mr. Flanagan agrees again and Darrin and Larry are delighted.

Guest cast: David Huddleston as Flanagan, Gene Andrusco as Marvin, Eric Scott as Herbie.

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