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"Money Happy Returns"

Written by
Milt Rosen

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: March 18, 1971
Originally Sponsored by Oscar Mayer

Endora sees Tabitha and Adam swimming in their backyard plastic wading pool and accuses Darrin of being too cheap to buy the kids a swimming pool. Not wanting her grandchildren to be deprived, Endora zaps a huge pool in the backyard just as Darrin is standing there, and Darrin takes an unintentional swim. He changes and leaves for the office warning Samantha that Endora better be gone when he gets home. Later that day, Darrin finds an envelope full of money in a cab. Finding one hundred thousand dollars in cash isn't an every day occurrence and Darrin is sure that Endora is responsible. He calls Sam, then hurries home - only to find out that Endora had nothing to do with it. Sam and Darrin try to figure out where the money could have come from. They start out fairly calm but Samantha gets insulted and storms out - zapping out the money before she leaves. While she's cooling off at Louise Tate's, Darrin is visited by Rudolph Kosko. Kosko demands "his" money and Darrin tries to stall for time. Then Kosko brings in Mr. Braun, his muscle man, and threatens Darrin. After a few frantic phone calls to Louise Tate, Samantha finally realizes that Darrin is in trouble and zaps herself home. They learn that Kosko's money was "earned" from "a number of unfortunate horseplayers," so Samantha uses her witchcraft to keep the two thugs there until the police arrive.

Guest cast: Arch Johnson as Kosko, Karl Lukas as Braun, Alien Jenkins as the cabbie, Mitchell Silberman as Willie.

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