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"Darrin Goes Ape"

Written by
Leo and Pauline Townsend
Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: March 11, 1971

When Darrin continues to be openly hostile to the witchy whims of Samantha's cousin, Serena, the spiteful "cousin" decides to get even with Sam's mortal-in-law. She waits until Samantha takes Tabitha and Adam with her on Saturday morning to do the weekly shopping. With Darrin unable to defend himself, she twitches a spell that makes him change instantly into an ape. The situation is complicated when the Stephens' next door neighbors, Gladys and Abner, spot the monstrous mammal in the house. Officers Mitchell and Hyams prove to be no better than the Keystone cops in the way that they go about ape hunting. Alex and Pete, two shyster animal trainers, are hired to bring the ape, alias Darrin Stephens, back into captivity. The two trainers have an unexpected 400 Ib. surprise for Darrin - a female ape to keep him warm. Darrin, still in his hairy state, longs for Samantha who zaps him out just in time to save him from his blind date.

Guest cast: Herb Vigran as the sergeant, Paul Smith as Officer Mitchell, Milton Seizer as Pete, Sidney Court as Officer Hyams, Alien Jenkins as Alex, Jack Wells as the TV announcer, Ysabel MacCloskey as Hagatha.

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