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"Mixed Doubles"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 4, 1971

Louise Tate gives Samantha a book entitled Marital Unrest complete with her rave reviews and makes Samantha promise to read at least the first chapter. Samantha is upset that Louise should be bored with her marriage and spends a restless night trying to sleep and not worry about her friend. Just as morning approaches, Samantha pops into Louise's bed and Louise pops into Samantha's bed! Naturally, Samantha is surprised when she awakens next to Larry. By freezing Larry, Samantha pops back to her own house and upon seeing Louise realizes what has happened. The strangest aspect of this change is that only Samantha is aware of what has happened - Darrin thinks Louise is Samantha and Larry metaphysical molecular disturbance, caused by a cosmic short circuit in Samantha's metaphysical molecules due to her worrying about Louise. The potion needed calls for the marrow from the tooth of a saber-toothed tiger. Samantha must play the situation along until Dr. Bombay secures the ingredient! She goes to Darrin's office and after finally convincing him that she is not Louise, but Samantha, she tells Darrin what has happened. They decide to have the Tates' (Larry and Samantha) over for dinner (at Darrin and Louise's) and stay up playing cards and talking until Dr. Bombay arrives with the cure. The evening drags on and on with every sort of attempt by Darrin and Louise (i.e. Samantha) to keep the party going. Finally, Dr. Bombay returns, pops Samantha's molecules back to where they should be and Samantha is herself again - as is Louise.

Guest cast: Mitchell Silberman as Jon, Natalie Core as Betty.

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