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"This Little Piggie"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Feb. 25, 1971
Originally Sponsored by Bufferin

Darrin has prepared two ad campaigns for Col. Bringham's spareribs and cannot decide which one to present to the prospective client. Hearing this, Endora decides to show Samantha how indecisive Darrin is by casting a spell on him. Under the spell, Darrin can make no definite decisions, no matter how small the situation. When Gladys Kravitz stops him to talk about replacing all the neighborhood trash cans, Darrin totally confuses her. She then rings the doorbell to talk to Samantha and in the course of conversation mentions how strange Darrin was. Samantha senses a spell and pops in on Darrin at the office. She verifies her suspicions, returns home and calls for Endora. As she is confronting Endora, Darrin arrives home early from the office. Endora begrudgingly removes the spell, but Darrin is not about to take the trouble she has caused lying down. There ensues a verbal to-do between Darrin and Endora. Endora says that Darrin is pigheaded and to prove her point pops a pig's head onto Darrin. But, she doesn't stop there - to let the whole world see just how pigheaded Darrin is, she pops him onto the roof! Before Samantha can get Darrin off the roof, Larry and Col. Bringham arrive. They are speechless at the sight of Darrin, with the pig's head, standing on the roof. Samantha quickly ties Darrin's predicament into an ad campaign, explaining that he is simply visualizing the revolving sign to be used over the colonel's restaurants. Inside the house, when Darrin does not remove the pig's head, Samantha explains that Darrin is testing the "mask" to be worn by the principal player in the TV commercials he wrote for the colonel's spareribs. After a demonstration, involving a chorus or two of Old MacDonald's Farm, Samantha and Darrin excuse themselves to the kitchen to remove the "mask".

Guest cast: Herb Edelman as Col. Bringham, Ann Doran as Betty, Allen Jenkins as the janitor.

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