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"Sisters at Heart"

Written by
5th Period English, Thomas Jefferson High School
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Dec. 24, 1970
Originally Sponsored by Oscar Mayer

Keith and Dorothy Wilson, a young black couple, drop off their daughter at the Stephens' house before going on an overnight trip. It is the first time Tabitha will have someone stay overnight with her and she gets a warning from Samantha - no witchcraft! Tabitha and Lisa want very much to be sisters but they were told by a woman in the park that they can't because they are not the same color. Darrin has been working on a big account and hopes to have the contract signed by that afternoon. His client, Mr. Brockway, wants to see what Darrin's home life is like, however, before he signs. He happens to drop by the Stephens' home when Lisa is the only one downstairs and she answers the door. Lisa tells Brockway that she and Tabitha are sisters and he naturally assumes that Darrin's wife is black. He tells Larry that he wants another man to handle the account since Darrin is not stable enough. Larry decides to hold the office Christmas party at the Stephens' home to prove Darrin's stability. Meanwhile, Tabitha has told Lisa that she is a witch and has changed them both to polka-dotted people so they look more alike. Samantha explains to Darrin that Tabitha used wishcraft instead of witchcraft and that it should wear off by the next day. Christmas Day dawns and the two girls are still covered with polka dots. Sam and Darrin are beside themselves as Lisa's parents will be arriving that afternoon. Sam finally gets a witchscription from Dr. Bombay that will cure the wishcraft, but Tabitha, understanding that she and Lisa can still be sisters if they are not the samecolor, is ready to concentrate and the girls are back to normal just in time. Brockway learns that Darrin doesn't have a mixed marriage and is ready to sign the contract when Larry refuses. Brockway leaves, but comes back the next day to apologize to the Stephens' and admit that he is a racist.

Guest cast: Venetta Rogers as Lisa, Parley Baer as Brockway, Janee Michelle as Dorothy, Don Mitchell as Keith.

This story was written by tenth graders at the Thomas Jefferson High School.
This special episode warranted a special introduction by Elizabeth Montgomery.
The audio is presented here for the first time, synched to rare, recently discovered, silent film footage!
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