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"Samantha's Old Salem Trip"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Nov. 12, 1970

The Stephens' cut their Salem vacation short and fly home "witches' style" after Samantha is ordered by the executive coven not to appear in public with Darrin. While they are upstairs with the children, a "Witch-O-Gram" arrives on the end of a flaming spear and, after reading it, Esmeralda (who'd been sitting with Adam and Tabitha) decides to cast a spell that will send Samantha back to Salem before the coven takes action against her. Esmeralda casts her spell and Samantha finds herself back in Salem - 17th century Salem without her memory or her witchcraft. She wanders into an inn owned by the Farleys and Mrs. Farley puts her to work as a barmaid. Meanwhile, at the Stephens' home, Endora pops in looking for Sam and discovers Esmeralda's error. She gives Darrin a magic coin that will restore Samantha's witchcraft and transports him back to old Salem. Darrin finds her, but Samantha doesn't recognize him and his attempts talk to her alone are taken as improper advances. The Magistrate overhears this and orders Darrin to spend a day in the stocks for lewd conduct. The next day, Mr. Farley breaks his quill pen and Samantha offers him a ball point pen that Darrin had given her the night before. Both the Magistrate and the Farleys think the pen is a product of witchcraft and Sam and Darrin are arrested. Just before their trial, Darrin manages to slip Samantha the magic coin. With her powers restored, Samantha gives a demonstration of real witchcraft to the bewildered Magistrate and citizens of Olde Salem. Then she and Darrin return to their own home and their own century.

Guest cast: Ronald Long as the magistrate, Maudie Prickett as Mrs. Farley, James Westerfield as Farley, Joseph Ferry as Luther, Martin Ashe as the first man.

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