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"Samantha's Bad Day in Salem"

Written by
Michael Morris

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 5, 1970

At a witches' meeting in Salem, Samantha runs into Waldo, a handsome, young warlock who has been in love with her since childhood. After reminding him that she is happily married, lovesick Waldo uses his powers to conjure up a Samantha of his own. Mirabelle, Waldo's overbearing mother, nags him for his foolishness, but Waldo refuses to dematerialize his imaginary Samantha. The next day, Larry goes sightseeing with Darrin in an effort to get him to do some work during his vacation. While Darrin is taking pictures, Larry sees Waldo and the phony Samantha engaged in intimate conversation. He rushes Darrin off to the restaurant where they are to meet Samantha for lunch and shortly after she arrives, Waldo barges in and joins them. This proves too much for an already nervous Larry, so he heads back to the hotel and Darrin takes off after him. After reprimanding Waldo for his rudeness, Samantha leaves for the hotel and Waldo reincarnates his fantasy Samantha. Meanwhile, Darrin learns from Larry what went on earlier and decides to go back to the restaurant. When he gets there, he finds Waldo and his imitation Samantha together and demands an explanation. Waldo gets annoyed and zaps Darrin into a crow. The real Samantha is in her room when the crow flies in and it doesn't take long to figure out that the crow is really Darrin. That night, at the next witches' meeting, she finds out about Waldo's tricks and demands that he change Darrin back. He does, but they all realize that Larry will have to be given some reasonable explanation, so they decide to call in cousin Serena. They tell Larry that it was Serena who he saw with Waldo and Samantha's bad day in Salem is over.

Guest cast: Hal England as Waldo, Anne Seymour as Mirabelle, Bernie Kuby as the waiter.

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