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"Paul Revere Rides Again"

Philip and Henry Sharp
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 29, 1970

The Stephens' vacation in Salem, Mass., is interrupted when Larry shows up and asks Darrin's help in landing a new client. Sir Leslie Bancroft, the client-to-be, is a Revolutionary War buff and knowing this, Larry buys what he believes is a reproduction of a Paul Revere teapot. When Darrin refuses to do business on his vacation, Larry angrily demands his teapot back. Meanwhile, trying to be helpful, Esmeralda (who's been babysitting for the Stephens' children) pops in - and out, taking all Samantha's souvenirs, including the teapot, back home with her. Realizing this, Darrin stalls Larry while Samantha contacts Esmeralda, who uses her powers in an attempt to return it. Instead of a teapot, Samantha finds herself face-to-face with Paul Revere himself. Paul, who still thinks it' s 1776, overhears Sir Leslie discussing his plans to "invade the American market" with his British product. Thinking he's discovered a British plot against the Colonies, he mounts his horse and rides out of the hotel and into the streets shouting "the British are coming", with Samantha in close pursuit. The chase ends up at the police station where Samantha explains everything to a very bewildered Paul Revere. Esmeralda's witchcraft is finally successful after her third try, and the teapot, which turns out to be an original Paul Revere, is returned. Darrin explains Paul's behavior as his idea for an advertising campaign and Sir Leslie agrees to let Darrin handle his account.

Guest cast: Jonathan Harris [Lost in Space] as Sir Leslie, Bert Convy as Paul Revere, Ron Masak as Clancey, Parley Baer as the desk sergeant, Jud Strunk as the bellboy, Jack Naughton as the cabbie, Lew Horn as the male tourist, Dorothy Love as the operator.

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