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"Darrin on a Pedestal"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 22, 1970
Originally Sponsored by Excedrin/Clairol

Darrin and Samantha, in Salem on vacation and for the Witches' Convention, have planned a morning of sightseeing. Darrin's boss, Larry, calls to enlist Darrin's help with a new account - Barrow's Umbrellas - with whom he is meeting in Boston, a short distance away. Darrin, refusing to have their sightseeing interrupted, says no. Samantha, however, is suddenly summoned to a special meeting and must go. Serena appears and decides, much to Darrin's dismay, to accompany him on the sightseeing tour. Planning on meeting for lunch, they all set off in their respective directions. Darrin and Serena don't Set too far when Serena spots the Fisherman's Memorial, a statue of a weathered, but handsome, sailor. She is suddenly smitten and, wanting to find out a little more about the seaman, zaps him to life. To quiet Darrin's protests she then pops Darrin in as the statue and off she goes with the sailor. Larry, a bit nervous with handling the Barrow's account alone, decides to bring the client to Salem. He calls Darrin's hotel, finds out where Darrin is meeting Samantha for lunch and proceeds to the restaurant. En route, he sees Samantha who has discovered Darrin in his role of the Fisherman's Memorial. He stops, introduces the client, and tells her they will be waiting at the restaurant for her and Darrin. To get Darrin off his pedestal, Samantha must find Serena. She pops herself to where Serena and the sailor are - which happens to be the restaurant where Larry and Mr. Barrow are waiting. Finally, she gets Serena aside and has her do some fast "zapping". Darrin appears just as Mr. Barrow is about to leave and with some fast talk he presents an ad campaign much to Mr. Barrow's liking.

Guest cast: Robert Brown as the statue, John Gallaudet as Barrows, Dick Wilson as the old timer, Wallace Rooney as Gardner, Jed Strunk as the matre d', Victoria Thompson as the hat check girl.

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