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"Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 15, 1970

And so Samantha and Darrin are followed back to their motel by the bedwarmer! There is a knock at the door - it is Miss Ferndale and two policemen. Samantha hides the bedwarmer in the closet and just as she and Darrin have almost convinced the police that they know nothing about stolen bedwarmer, out it falls from the closet. Darrin is arrested and the evidence, after some strange Incidents, is taken. Darrin is put in jail, the evidence is locked away and Samantha proceeds to try and solve the mystery. Samantha goes to the Witches' Convention grounds and has Endora incant up the witch who originally put the curse on the bedwarmer, as she is the only one who can remove the curse. The witch is none other than Serena. The bedwarmer is actually an amorous warlock named Newton who, way back in old Salem days, kept bugging Serena to marry him. The reason he's been following Samantha is that he thinks she is Serena. Since Serena can't remember back three hundred years to the spell she used to change Newton into a bedwarmer, she is sent back in time to relive the incident. She finally returns with the spell. Samantha goes to the jail, zaps the desk sergeant into a deep sleep and returns the bedwarmer to Newton the warlock. When Darrin's case is finally brought to court there is no evidence so Darrin can't be held for stealing the bedwarmer. When the arresting officers are brought forward, Samantha twitches a spell on them so they will tell the judge exactly what happened when they took the evidence from the motel. The judge listens to the strange tale and dismisses the case. Miss Ferndale's loud protest are suddenly quieted a bit by amorous Newton, who has been admiring her for years.

Guest cast: Noam Pitlik as Newton, Joan Hotchkis as Miss Ferndale, Dick Wilson as the old timer, Richard X. Slattery as the first policeman, Ron Masak as the second policeman, Virginia Hawkins as the witch, Jack Wells as Capt. Harkness, Bill Zuckert as the judge.

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