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"The Salem Saga"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 8, 1970

En route to the Witches' Convention in Salem, Massachusetts, who should Darrin and Samantha meet - 5000 feet above the ground - but Endora, who is perched on the wing of their Salem-bound plane. To the disbelief of stymied stewardesses and to the embarrassment of Samantha and Darrin, Endora blinks herself inside the plane cabin and blinks out a first class passenger who arrives in Boston airport ahead of the plane. Once landing, Darrin and Samantha go sightseeing while Endora goes to a pre-convention meeting. Relieved to be freed from Sam's meddling mother, Darrin is soon bothered by a far worse fate. On a guided tour of the House of Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawthorne's haunted habitat, Darrin is being followed by a brass bedwarmer, one of the historical antiques of the house. The animated bedwarmer continues pursuit of Samantha's mortal and hides in the back of Darrin's rented car. Miss Ferndale, the House guide, phones the police and tells them that the warmer was stolen by the Stephens. In pursuit of the "hot" bedwarmer, the police question the only witness who isn't much help because he's intoxicated. Meanwhile, the bedwarmer, which has been quietly hiding in the back seat of Samantha and Darrin's rented car, suddenly decides to make its presence felt. It opens its lid and "bites" Darrin's hand and Darrin demands an explanation. Samantha tells him that the bedwarmer is possessed with the spirit of some colonial warlock who was punished by some powerful witch and forced to be something he's not. Meanwhile the police catch up with the Stephens and Samantha discovers there's no zip in her zap when Darrin asks her to make the mysterious bedwarmer disappear.

Guest cast: Joan Hotchkis as Miss Ferndale, Dick Wilson as the old timer, Jack Griffin as the cab driver, Nancy Priddy as the first stewardess, Irenee Byatt as the lady passenger, Maggie Malooley as Elsie, T.J. Halligan as the man, Etienne Viazie as the airport clerk, Richard X. Slattery as the first policeman, Ron Masak as the second policeman, Maureen McCurry as Maureen.

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