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"To Go or Not to Go, That Is the Question"

Written by
Michael Morris

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 24, 1970

Samantha is ordered to appear at the Witches' Convention to be held in Salem, Massachusetts by her mother, who is Lord High Chairman of the fete. Despite Endora's warnings, Samantha refuses to go without her spouse. Darrin, meanwhile, has landed a big account but reluctantly cancels his "big break" when he learns of Samantha's Salem obligation. Shortly afterwards, the Stephens get unexpected company as Hepzibah, High Priestess of Witchdom, literally "pops" in for a visit. Darrin isn't impressed with the royal visit, especially when Hepzibah tries to boss him around his own house. At first disuessed by Darrin's insubordination for her and her entourage, Hepzibah soon begins to tolerate Samantha's mortal mate. She becomes less demanding, less critical. She concludes that there must be something keeping Samantha wed to Darrin. She decides that instead of disbanding the marriage - as she had originally planned to do - she'd rather observe the "mixed" marriage to better understand the situation. With a royal nod, Hepzibah transforms the Stephens' living room into something resembling the Palace at Versailles. The High Priestess is now ready to stay and observe and, hopefully to determine how an intelligent and attractive witch like Samantha could choose a moron mortal to marry.

Guest cast: Jane Connell as Hepzibah.

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