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"Make Love Not Hate"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 15, 1970
Originally Sponsored by Oscar Mayer

Esmeralda has been jilted and arrives at the Stephens' home in a very depressed state. Samantha is worried about her and calls Dr. Bombay. His diagnosis is she needs another man to bolster her ego and produces a cure in the form of Norton. At first Norton thinks that Samantha is the girl Dr. Bombay has for him, but his excitement is short-lived when he discovers it is Esmeralda he is destined for. To help things along, Dr. Bombay makes a love potion which when taken causes one to be smitten by the first person one sees. Samantha is expecting Darrin, Larry, Mr. Meiklejohn (a very important client) and his wife at any moment for dinner. In her hurry to get Dr. Bombay, Esmeralda and Norton settled, she knocks some of the potion into the clam dip. Dr. Bombay puts the potion in Norton's drink, Esmeralda fades out and Norton sees Samantha first. Things get worse when Darrin arrives with the guests. Esmeralda tests the dip and sees Darrin first - Mr. Meiklejohn sees his wife first after tasting the dip. However, Mrs. Meiklejohn sees Larry first. Now everyone is quite smitten - but with the wrong people. Dr. Bombay is recalled and puts a reverse spell on the dip. Samantha pushes the dip on all the guests except Mr. Meiklejohn, who, Samantha feels, hasn't been too smitten by his wife lately. All return to normal. Darrin, worried because Mr. Meiklejohn is left under the influence of witchcraft, is assured by Samantha that the spell only lasts for twenty four hours.

Guest cast: Cliff Norton as Norton, Charles Lane as Meiklejohn, Sara Seegar as Mrs. Meiklejohn.

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