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"Turn on the Old Charm"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: April 9, 1970

Augustus Sunshine, owner and head writer for the Sunshine Greeting Card Co. has a somewhat cloudy future as a "card hard" because his greeting cards aren't selling. Darrin, as the account executive for the Sunshine line, has the ambiguous job of selling-it-like-it-is (even though he thinks the cards are atrocious) rather than telling-it-like-it-is (i.e. "Mr. Sunshine, you're a terrible poet.") Darrin's office worries are further harried by having to endure Endora on the home front. Samantha, sensing Darrin's dilemma, gives him a large amulet resembling a "peace symbol." She explains that it's an old piece of family jewelry which in the presence of Endora, makes her unbelievably sweet and accommodating. Darrin soon has Endora virtually eating out of his hand. It isn't until Esmeralda comes to baby sit for Samantha and mistakes the amulet for a love charm that Darrin loses his power over Endora. She becomes aware of what's been happening and as revenge, casts a spell on Darrin and Samantha that makes them constantly insult each other. Meanwhile, Larry brings Mr. Sunshine over and is unimpressed by the Stephens' non-stop spat and both visitors leave before dessert. Samantha, using the amulet, gets her mother to uncast her spell then casts one of her own. Larry and Mr. Sunshine return under her influence and Samantha presents a new theory guaranteed to sell cards. Use insults on the inside instead of poetry. To Larry and Darrin's surprise, Mr. Sunshine agrees with Samantha, insults will get results.

Guest cast: John Fiedler as Augustus Sunshine.

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