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"Mona Sammy"

Written by
Luther James

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 2, 1970

Endora unexpectedly interrupts Samantha's anniversary celebration and brings a painting for a present. The painting is exactly like the Mona Lisa with the obvious exception of the face which is unmistakably Samantha's. The artist's signature has also changed and in the place of Leonardo Da Vinci is Darrin Stephens. Darrin, with his usual modesty, goes along with the plot and doesn't reject Louise Tate's suggestion that he should be painting for a living. Darrin, whose real painting experience has been limited to painting the kitchen, turns away his first commission - that of painting Louise - on the grounds that he's a little rusty after years of inactivity. Upon her insistence, Darrin arranges for Samantha to cast a spell that would bring out the Da Vinci in him to enable him to paint Louise. With a kiss and a twitch from his wife, Darrin - singing Figaro -in a falsetto voice - makes contact with the canvass. The expected masterpiece turns out to be a cartoon-like caricature of Larry's wife. Not especially enjoying the joke, Larry threatens to have the last laugh by firing Darrin. Larry looks to Sam for a favorable twitch and she comes through just before Louise gets a chance to see the artistic "atrocity". The newly twitched canvas is indeed a fine painting and Larry, not understanding how it could have changed, is pleased with Darrin. Samantha makes up an excuse so that Darrin won't have to paint again. She says he Save up painting because he has an allergic reaction to paint. Darrin takes the hint and gives a big "a-chew" thereby sneezing himself out of a canvass career.

Guest cast: None

Note: This episode was directed by Luther James. William Asher is mistakenly credited in many sources.

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