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"If the Shoe Pinches"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 26, 1970

Tabitha is spending the afternoon in her new playhouse entertaining imaginary friends when suddenly she is joined by a very real Ieprechaun, Tim O'Shanter, Unknown to Samantha and Darrin, Tim has been sent by the Witches Council, at Endora' s suggestion, to see what the breaking point of the Stephens' marriage is. Darrin is working on a tight schedule trying to develop a campaign slogan for a very important client. Tim makes himself known to Samantha and Darrin and is quickly gotten rid of by a suspicious Samantha. Tim, however, leaves a pair of shoes for Darrin, his "host". Darrin dens the shoes and is immediately under a spell which makes him lazy. Samantha realizes Darrin is under a spell and tells him to take the shoes off- Darrin cannot! Tim reappears and he and Darrin act like old buddies. Samantha can't force Tim to take back the shoes or Darrin will be stuck with them for the rest of his life, so she prepares a special chicken soup recipe which gives one control over a leprechaun. As soon as Tim tastes the soup, Samantha orders him to take the shoes back, which he does. Then, as all the laziness induced by the spell has left Darrin "campaign-less" Samantha makes Endora not only "inspire" Darrin with a slogan but "inspire" Larry Tate to love it.

Guest cast: Henry Gibson as Tim.

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