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"A Chance on Love"

Written by
John L. Greene

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: March 19, 1970

Samantha, beginning a very busy day, has forgotten that she is to sell tickets to raise money for underprivileged children. After receiving a phone call from the lady she is to relieve at the ticket table, she turns in desperation to her cousin Serena to sit in for her. Serena agrees. George Dinsdale, a very important client of Darrin's, happens to pass the table and Serena turns on all the charm. Dinsdale, a bit of a wolf, loves it. They have a drink together and make plans for lunch the next day. Dinsdale is absolutely smitten! That night, Larry and Louise Tate throw a party to introduce George Dinsdale to the Stephens. When Darrin and Samantha arrive, Dinsdale thinks that Samantha is Serena and acts accordingly. Samantha, realizing the mistake, tries to tell Dinsdale who doesn't believe her. Samantha calls Serena later that evening and tells her that she better straighten out the situation at lunch the next day. Serena meets Dinsdale at lunch, tells him the truth and then leaves. Dinsdale is still not convinced and thinks that his business relationship with Darrin is what is causing Serena to be so cool. He has Darrin taken off the account and proceeds to the Stephens' home. He chases Samantha around still thinking she is Serena and she turns him into a parrot. Darrin arrives home and Samantha tells him what has been going on. Darrin is aghast that she has turned Dinsdale into a parrot. Samantha calls Serena and turns Dinsdale back, making him think he has fainted. He sees there are really two of them, apologizes to Samantha, restores the account to Darrin and takes off for an evening with Serena.

Guest cast: Jack Cassidy as George Dinsdale, Molly Dodd as Mrs. Corby, Bernie Kuby as waiter.

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