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"Okay, Who's the Wise Witch"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: March 12, 1970

Darrin is working on an ad campaign for a housing development, using a scale model of the sample home for reference. When he and Samantha pick up the model to carry it out to the car, they find they are locked in the house. Doors and windows refuse to budge; Darrin can not even break a window and when Samantha tries to "pop" Darrin out of the house, she cannot. Having all the earmarks of a spell, they call on Endora - who swears on her "witches honor" that she did not cast the spell. When Endora tries to leave, she finds she, too, is trapped. At this point, Larry telephones inquiring as to why Darrin is not at the office for the important meeting with the clients. Samantha tells him that the doctor is with Darrin and they are not sure what is wrong with him. Next, they call on Esmeralda, thinking that the spell might be one of hers - she arrives and tells them that she did not cast the spell. Esmeralda is dismayed to find that she cannot leave, as she has a date with someone on whom she's had her eye for 75 years! Larry Tate, getting no satisfaction from the vague answers to his phone calls, appears at the door, but Samantha tells him they are quarantined and he will have to wait for the lab report to come back before he can retrieve the model house or Darrin. Finally, in desperation, Dr. Bombay is called. His diagnosis of the situation is a "vapor lock" caused by the curtailment of Samantha's use of witch-power. There is a cure but it must be performed on the outside of the vapor-locked house. The problem is solved when Samantha takes Dr. Bombay's picture, transforming him into an 8 x 10 glossy, pushes the photo under the front door and incants him back to three dimensions. Samantha then has Endora shrink all the playground equipment she has produced for Tabitha to fit in the model home thus making Darrin a big hit with the client and with Larry.

Guest cast: None.

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