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"The Generation Zap"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 5, 1970

Dusty Harrison is the daughter of a client with a big account. During her summer vacation from college, she hopes to learn advertising from some knowledgeable Titan of the trade. Larry picks Darrin to be Dusty's teaching Titan to the chagrin of the overworked ad man. Endora, always looking for a chance to meddle with her daughter's mortal, Sets Serena to cast a spell on Dusty and changes the co-ed from a quiet, serious-minded young lady into a miniskirted worldly woman who is madly in love with Darrin, Samantha not withstanding. Darrin, who is confused and frustrated by Dusty's advances, sends her on a time-consuming shopping spree to purchase various coffee percolators to be used in his latest ad campaign. When Dusty shows up that night at the Stephens' house, looking sexy and bogged down with the re quested assortment of percolators, Samantha really begins to perk. She twitches herself out of the scene to look for her meddling mother and her conniving cousin. As Samantha twitches herself out, Endora and Serena twitch themselves in with Serena adding an extra twitch to make herself look exactly like Samantha. The disguised cousin gets Darrin to invite Mr. Harrison to his house to show what a happily married couple he and his wife are. The pseudo-Samantha disproves everything Darrin sets out to prove. Luckily, Harrison turns out to be an embezzler and Darrin is changed from the company ham to the company hero.

Guest cast: Melodie Johnson as Dusty, Arch Johnson as Harrison.

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