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"Just a Kid Again"

Written by
Jerry Mayer

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Feb. 26, 1970

Samantha and Tabitha are in a toy store buying a gift for one of Tabitha's friends. The manager tells them someone will help them shortly. The salesman, Irving Bates, helps them choose a gift, and when Samantha goes over to the cashier to pay for the purchase, she leaves Tabitha with Irving Bates as he wraps the gift. He has a conversation with Tabitha in which he tells her that she is very lucky to be a little girl, that he had most fun when he was nine years old and, furthermore, he would like to be a little boy once again. Tabitha, hearing his wish, twitches her nose and turns him into a nine year old boy. Irving isn't quite sure what has happened but when the manager returns and sees a little boy in place of the salesman and when the policeman makes him get out from behind the wheel of his car - he begins to get the idea! He reads the sales slip with Samantha's address on it and goes to see if she can help him. When Irving arrives and tells Samantha what happened, Samantha tells Tabitha to remove the spell and return Irving to his original state. Tabitha can't remove the spell, however, as Irving is enjoying being a kid so much. Samantha calls Dr. Bombay, but he, too, can do nothing as Irving is very happy the way he is. Finally, Samantha takes Irving to his girlfriend's office just in time for Irving to witness his girl's boss ask her out on a date. Irving gets angry and kicks his girlfriend's boss. He then realizes that he does not want to be nine years old anymore and the spell is removed.

Guest cast: Richard Powell as Bates as a boy, Ron Masak as Bates as a man, Jonathan Hole as Waterman, Paul Smith as the policeman.

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