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"What Makes Darrin Run?"

Lila Garrett,
Bernie Kahn
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Feb. 12, 1970

Endora pops in just in time to witness a very harried, busy and quite usual morning for Samantha. Endora points out to Samantha that if Darrin had some ambition that things would be a lot easier for her. Samantha informs Endora that she is quite content with Darrin and with her mode of living. Endora decides to cast a spell on Darrin which will give him more push and ambition. At the office, Larry is surprised when Darrin consents to taking over the Braddock account - one which Larry has been after a very busy Darrin to take over for months. When Larry asks Darrin to join him and Mr. Braddock for lunch, Darrin has Larry called away from the table on a phony telephone call. When alone he makes quite clear to Mr. Braddock that most of the good work being done on the account is due to Darrin's efforts, not Larry's. Later, Mr. Braddock requests that Darrin handle the account. When he arrives home, Darrin has no time for the children nor can he eat dinner with Samantha as he is too busy preparing his "climb to the top". In an effort to undermine Larry's position in the firm, Darrin invites Mr. and Mrs. McMann (the senior partner in Larry's firm) for dinner. All goes well and Darrin has convinced Mr. McMann that the firm needs young blood in command - namely, Darrin. The Tates unexpectedly arrive. Just as Mr. McMann is about to tell Larry his decision, Samantha freezes the whole group, except for Darrin. He realizes he has been under a spell and when Samantha unfreezes the group, Darrin must talk very quickly to undo the trouble he has started.

Guest cast: Leon James as Mr. McMann, Jeanne Sorel as Mrs. McMann, Arch Johnson as Braddock, Jerry Rush as the maitre d'.

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