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"Samantha's Better Halves"

Lila Garrett,
Bernie Kahn
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Jan. 1, 1970

Just before the new baby is due, Larry orders Darrin to fly to Japan with a client, Mr. Tanaka. Darrin refuses to leave Samantha, and Larry threatens to fire him. As Darrin tells what happened, Endora casts a spell, splitting him in two. On board the plane, Darrin 1 talks business as Mr. Tanaka eyes the stewardess. At home, Darrin 2 hovers over Samantha until she sends him out to play golf. Darrin 1 is entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka, also very pregnant. Tanaka is puzzled when Endora whisks him out and Darrin 2 appears, ready for golf. After he confides his wife is having a baby too, Tanaka prepares to drive him to the airport, but he disappears. With some difficulty, Endora puts Darrin back together again. Later, Larry brings him a bonus explaining that Tanaka was impressed by his devotion to his wife and to his business.

Guest cast: Richard Loo as Tanaka, Frances Fong as Mrs. Tanaka, Debbie Wong as the stewardess.

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