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"Daddy Comes to Visit" (Part One)

Written by
Rick Mittleman

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Nov. 20, 1969

On Darrin's birthday, Samantha's father, Maurice, sweeps in and gives him a magic watch. When Darrin refuses it, Maurice turns him into a dog but is persuaded to change him back. Since Samantha has lived as a mortal for years, Maurice feels Darrin should use magic for just one day. To keep peace, Darrin agrees. He whisks himself to the office where Larry Tate is conferring with Silas Bliss, Jr. However, Bliss won't commit himself into giving the account to the agency. Maurice pops in and suggests that Darrin attend a Bliss board meeting, invisible. Darrin refuses, but after a Chinese lunch in Hong Kong, Maurice hypnotizes him into changing his mind. Darrin submits an ad campaign that meets with Bliss Sr.'s approval, and Larry lands the account. After Darrin gets a bonus, Maurice is sure he is now hooked on magic, but Samantha won't let herself believe it.

Guest cast: John Fiedler as Bliss, Jr. J. Edward McKinley as Bliss, Sr.

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