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"Samantha's Secret Spell"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Nov. 13, 1969

Darrin has a fight with Endora, and refuses to let her come to the Stephens' home any more. He leaves and Endora angrily declares that unless Darrin apologizes, he will be turned into a mouse at midnight. Samantha consults a witch-apothecary who gives a spell she must perform without witchcraft. She accomplishes the first part; having Darrin touch a buffalo by getting him to wipe off a spot on Ralph Jackman's forehead. Ralph belongs to the Royal Order of the Buffalo. A bell rings, signalling success. Sam gets Larry to let Darrin have the day off. The second part of the spell says Darrin must swallow some potion while under water. Sam tries to get him into a bath, without success. She then sees a glass of water next to the bed and holds it over Darrin's head while he takes some "medicine." The bell rings again. Larry, meanwhile, discovers that the papers for an important layout are missing. Darrin is the only other one with a key. Larry finds out that Sam and Darrin are on their way to the airport. Sam is trying to fulfill the last part of the spell; Darrin must "fly over water by day in the dark." In a helicopter, Sam tries a hat she's knitting on over Darrin's eyes. The bells rings and the spell to prevent Darrin's transformation takes effect. At the airport, they run into Ralph with an attache case like Darrin's. A switch occurs as Larry and a guard rush up and arrest Darrin for theft. Sam tries to explain about Ralph, and the guard finds Ralph's name on the stolen layouts. Darrin is congratulated for intercepting the theft attempt.

Guest cast: Bernie Kopell [Love Boat] as the apothecary, Sidney Clute as Jackman, Jerry Rush as the guard, Jean Blake as Betty.

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