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"A Bunny for Tabitha"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 6, 1969

It's Tabitha's birthday and Uncle Arthur shows up for her party. Larry calls Darrin with the news that A.J. Sylvester is at the office and Darrin is badly needed to present a layout but Darrin refuses to leave the party. Uncle Arthur puts on a magic show but his bunny trick is ruined when a playboy type bunny appears and won't disappear. Larry and Mr. Sylvester have come to the party and Sylvester is obviously impressed with the trick. Samantha tries to get Arthur to get rid of the bunny, but his powers have been messed up. Mr. Sylvester and the bunny leave secretly and everyone except Larry is dismayed. Samantha and Arthur find them in a restaurant together. Anita, Mr. Sylvester's ex-girl friend shows up, sees him and leaves. Samantha has them back for a vegetarian dinner and the new couple announces their engagement. It breaks up when Bunny's obvious rabbit tendencies show through. The next day, Darrin reports that Sylvester is back with Anita and has accepted all of Darrin's ad ideas.

Guest cast: Bernie Kopell [The Love Boat] as A.J. Sylvester, Carol Wayne as Bunny, Dick Wilson as the drunk, Joan Swift as Anita, Danny Bonaduce as Robert, Diane Murphy as Diane.

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